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■Preparations for game

(1) Number of people decision
At first we decide the participation number of people. To at most eight.
  A computer operates the share of an insufficient person.
  When we play for the first time, the environmental setting is by default all right.
  we decide how many times we do this game in all the members.

(2) Character choice
  Then, we choose one's play character.

(3) Role check
  Then we check one's role.
  Momotaro, dog, monkey, pheasant, ogres(boss and subordinates).

(4) Play Start!
  If all the members can check a role, preparations are OK.
  A game begins.

■Flow of the game

(5) Role expectation
  In the beginning, we can watch only one's role card.
  We expect the role of other people. A game begins in this way.
(6) Card opening
  When the expectation of the role proves right, the role card opens.
(7) Attack
  If there is the person whom a role card opened, we can attack towards the person.
  If an attack hits somebody, the hit points of the person decrease by 1.
  When the hit point of the person becomes 0, the person faints.

(8) Fulltime
  The person who became the fainting state is absent until the next game begins.
  If a team of either wins, 1 game is over.

(9) Afterward, repetition
  we repeat the number of times that firstly decided this.

  Please look at the page of "Total results".
  We can know most victor immediately.
  Please celebrate the champion together.

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